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We enable leaders and intrapreneurs to shape
future-proof organisations.

Pave the way to the new economy.

Together with leaders we enable innovators to shape future-proof organisations.

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Short 1 - 6 week creative cycles covering one or more steps of our five step innovation development and scaling methodology


Tailored programmes spanning 4 - 12 months unleashing entrepreneurship within your organisation through training, training, events, networking and coaching.

Our Propositions

Innovate with Employees

Create the enabling environment for entrepreneurial employees to thrive and fuel your innovation funnel from within.

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Innovate with Customers

Develop and scale innovative solutions your strategic customers are waiting for through co-creation en prototyping.

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Innovate with Startups

Leverage the unique capabilities of purpose-driven innovators outside your organisation for new business development.

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Transition area


Towards an energy system with renewable resources and a fair market.

Transition area


Feeding the city, with sustainable agriculture and transparent, fair supply chains.

Transition area


Healthy living, through data-driven solutions and human-centred design.

Transition area


Plan, design, build and manage sustainable, resilient and inclusive cities.


Outside Inc. is building a community of impact-entrepreneurs in the Benelux. We do this as part of the global League of Intrapreneurs as a local Catalyst organization.

We support the Sustainable Development Goals and are proud to be certified B-Corp.

We are a partner of the League of Intrapreneurs a global community of intrapreneurs creating change from within. We are part of WorldStartup Collective - global entrepreneurship platform.

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