July 07

Outside Inc. & Tekkoo join forces to further accelerate sustainable innovation!

We are proud to announce the collaboration between Tekkoo and Outside Inc.! Both parties have been making an impact for years with innovative results.  We have been making an impact for years by achieving innovative results. Together, we will increase our impact, and as an innovation doers we can mean and achieve more for our clients and partners. Moreover, we will become an even more attractive employer for enterprising professionals who want to work on the transition to a more sustainable world.

The new Tekkoo, with Lindy Hensen and Mathijs Koper at the helm, is ready for our customers and partners together with a core team of 12 innovation professionals. We all have an entrepreneurial mindset, and work towards relevant results for our customers and society. . We’re bundling our knowledge, experience and talent: whether it concerns the execution of a strategic innovation project, or developing an innovation mindset. We will be in our element when it comes to sustainable innovations in the circular and biobased economy, sustainable energy and agrifood.

We believe that innovation and entrepreneurship is the solution to many societal challenges.  We need to talk less about innovation and do more! With Tekkoo, you can be sure that we will take action, and something will really happen!

Stay tuned for our next steps by  following us on Linkedin! The new team is looking forward to getting to know you (better). Let's do business together for good!

Team Tekkoo