October 8, 2020 | Deanne Stikkelorum

Growing Impact with the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation

Renewable Energy for all

Access to sustainable and modern energy is a precondition for social and economic development. Still, nearly 1 billion people live without access to electricity. This brings up the challenge of how to realise accessible, safe and renewable energy supply for refugees. They often depend on polluting and expensive sources. In order to combat this challenge, DCHI (Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation) and RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) have activated 14 humanitarian organisations in a Humanitarian Accelerator Programme for Access to Modern Energy

"We can help grow the humanitarian innovation impact within the sustainable energy programme and far beyond."

Design innovation for Access to Modern Energy in humanitarian crises

DCHI brings together governmental actors, humanitarian organisations and other relevant actors in the Netherlands to develop and scale innovative solutions and increase the impact and reduce the costs of humanitarian action. One of the services DCHI offers for the coalition is the Humanitarian Accelerator Programme, to help humanitarian organisations innovate better and more efficiently. The Access to Modern Energy programme is looking for solution partners to work together with humanitarian organisations in designing and implementing modern energy solutions in humanitarian settings. Amongst others, Artsen zonder Grenzen, Mercy Corps, Oxfam Novib, Save the Children and UNICEF have joined forces to develop and co-create these solutions together. DCHI and RVO bring together a strong network of experts in the field of renewable energy to help these organisations by offering a series of workshops and individual guidance to define their pressing needs and calls of action. 

Learn from the best

Even innovation programmes and organisations need to keep learning to stay innovative themselves. Since the launch of the programme Huub Edelman (Outside Inc. Innovation Manager) and Milena Ninova (WorldStartup Incubation Support) started to work along DCHI to improve their innovation practice. 

By working on a renewed and future-proof innovation practice with DCHI, Outside Inc. can help grow the humanitarian innovation impact within the sustainable energy programme and far beyond. We’re enthusiastic to take innovation with DCHI to the next level and look forward to contributing to a new way of working and thinking that sparks unusual partnerships for the humanitarian sector: a problem first approach for more effective and more sustainable solutions.