January 20, 2021 | Lotte Senior

The Zeeuwind Innovation Challenge 2022

Last week Dockwize and Cooperatie Zeeuwind hosted Outside Inc. to facilitate the first design session in shaping the Zeeuwind Innovation Challenge 2022! After the successful launch of the challenge in 2021, Zeeuwind and Dockwize are committed to continue looking for innovative ways to solve the most pressing problems facing the energy transition mandate today.

Design thinking to come up with the best possible Challenge

In order to launch an Innovation challenge, important choices have to be made on what problem is the most pressing for the relevant stakeholders, and what has the potential of benefitting the most from impactful innovations. This first design session therefore focused on divergent thinking, and encouraged Dockwize and Cooperatie Zeeuwind to come up with as many challenge possibilities that are pressing to them, and their target audience. This way, we will be able to get to the core of the right challenge for 2022 in the coming weeks!

In January 2022, the new innovative challenge will be launched by Dockwize and Zeeuwind. Dockwize is the place where innovative ideas grow into impactful developments. It means a perfect match with Zeeuwind, which brings innovative power to its home in its search for more sustainable energy in Zeeland. That is why they are organizing this innovation challenge together. If you want to know more about the challenge of 2022, keep an eye on the social media channels of Dockwize and Outside Inc!

Curious to know about this year’s challenge? The 2021 Challenge Winner was announced earlier this year. Read more about their winning project here (Dutch)