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Outside Inc. is building a community of impact-driven innovators in the Benelux. We do this as part of the League of Intrapreneurs as their local Catalyst organisation. The League of Intrapreneurs is a global learning community of intrapreneurs and catalysts driving systems change from within our most influential institutions.  Members work in business as well as in government and non-profit institutions. The LOI unites 250 + intrapreneurs and catalysts and 200+ organizations across sectors.

"Organizations typically have a good handle on what is required in the core business, but less so when building a new business or driving shared value, sustainability or systems change."

Unleash the human innovation potential within your organization

Whether working on core, adjacent or transformative innovation, social intrapreneurs are looking at the root causes of sustainable development challenges to create new models and approaches to have impact at scale. In collaboration with the League of Intrapreneurship we offer various intrapreneurship services available to build entrepreneurial capability in your organization. Link naar “fostering intrapreneurship pagina”.

Masterclass Social Intrapreneurship 2020

In partnership with the University of Utrecht, we organize a 6 weeks Masterclass Social Intrapreneurship (Dutch only) starting in November 2020. Are you working in an organization and looking for the knowledge and tools to identify and unleash impact-driven innovation potential? This masterclass offers a combination of insights from top academic researchers and hands-on innovation tools.

Want to learn more about or become part of our netwerk of change-makers within organisations?

Contact our innovation manager Alwin Veldboom (


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